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Beginner Yoga Classes

Will beginner yoga classes help with my lower back problems? Most definitely. Come learn Yoga step by step with NeSonya Parker’s methodical, tested methods, in a safe and effective yoga class. The four-week series of classes was designed for new yoga students of

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Can Yoga Benefit Older Adults?

How Yoga Can Benefit Older Adults? Yoga is not just for the young. According to one study, 18.4% of the 15.8 million yoga practitioners in America are over the age of 55. Why do older adults like yoga? There are

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Change Your Life with Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a gentle, conscious body and mind relaxation practice to change your life. Restorative yoga refers to the art of “non-doing”, which helps melt away the stress of your day as your entire being unwinds in the art